Sunday 27 July 2014



You can be in the middle of a room full of people and you can be lonely. Loneliness isn't being alone, it's not having anyone in your life. It's a lack of friends, support, life. It's not something that time can fix, time only makes it worse.
Loneliness is like an illness, once the seed is planted, it will grow and grow, unless tendered, it can become life threatening and kill all happiness you ever knew.
Loneliness is always there, trying to find a way in, waiting till you let down your guard, then striking!
It starts out small, one weed, but like all weeds, it grows and spreads out until your covered in it.
That's loneliness. It's one of the worlds worst illness, but one of the most common!


  1. You are correct! Loneliness is a disease. Great job on this post! - Jollygirl from the blog:

    1. Thanks! I wrote this a whole ago, but just had to share it!

  2. (I've already commented but) great post! I totally agree...

    Yasmine|Cloudy Dreams


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