Wednesday 11 March 2015

So How Did Fan Week Really Go?

My Fan Week is over and now Heather @ Sometimes I'm a Story asking us all how we went. And so today I'm posting my results.

What statistics do you have to share?
Ok so I think I visited around twenty new blogs (is that enough), left TWO comments on each of those blogs, visited all the blogs I already follow and commented there. I also followed around five new blogs and unfollowed six.

I know it sounds like a really pore try. I seemed never have the time. Considering some days I didn't even get on to the computer, I'm rather proud of myself.

Did you find or learn anything new and exciting this week?

I actually did find out a few things. Book bloggers are the best!!! Most of the blogs I started reading are book bloggers. Which is really strange considering I used to read only life style bloggers.

Are there any blogs that made you want to make you change something about your own?

No one go crazy, but yes I have decided to make a few changes. For a while I've felt my blogging niche has been changing. But I've tried to keep it how it was, thinking people wouldn't like it if my content changed. But fan week has taught me not to worry about that and focus on what is really important, friends and doing what you want.

So from now on expect more book posts, religious and writing pieces. They're what I'm truly interested in at the moment and I'd really like to write more about them.

I've also realised that I could be doing more in the blogging community. So from now on I want to comment more and better on other people's blogs and actively seek out other blogs to follow.

What was your favourite part? Your least favourite part?

My favourite bit was seeing all these other blogs and what they did. Properly taking the time to read and enjoy what they're doing.

My least favourite part was not having enough time. Many days I had to go out and I missed visiting other blogs. In the end I held my Fan Week out over about a week and a half to make up.

Did you enjoy your experience? Would you do it again?

Yes! I had the best time ever. It was amazing. I want to do this again soon.

Look out for my blogging changes coming up soon. I'm looking forward to sharing them. I hope you're looking forward to them as well.


  1. Great work, Kat! And, to answer your question, of course it is enough. It is not about visiting the most blogs, but just being a fan to those you can be a fan to. Following those new blogs and leaving TWO comments on all your blogs is cramazing, and you shouldn't underestimate what you did! Book bloggers are pretty great, eh?

    I really look forward to your new posts, especially religion and writing, because those are two of my favorite things. It will be cool to see you out and about in the blogosphere as well!

    Time is definitely a challenge for us all, and I feel for you; but, you did what you could and I think that's awesome! I hope that your changes go smoothly, and you'll enjoy going out again! :D

    1. Thank you Heather! Still being school ages is hard when it comes to blogging. Fitting in everything you have to along with commenting, writing both novels and blog posts and still keeping up your hobbies is hard.
      I'm looking forward to posting those posts. They're two of my favourite things too! I'm glad you'll be looking out for them.

  2. Go you for deciding to post about what you're interested in. This is your blog. Run it how you like. I'm glad you had such a great Fan Week. I'm with you on the too little time thing. That was definitely the hardest part about Fan Week for me too. Looking forward to seeing your blogging changes!

    1. I feel so please with myself for finally coming around to doing this. I'm so excited to be getting around to writing what I want to.
      I'm glad I'm not the only one. There were people saying that they'd left a hundred comments or so and then there was me having to go out all day and then not even getting on the computer. It was kind of hard, but I'm glad I did it!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed Fan Week. I was planning on participating, but I'm drowning in so much schoolwork that I'm even finding it hard to post as regularly as i would like. (Weekend...please come soon.) I look forward to reading your new posts as well :).

    1. I know the feeling. I didn't do half as much as I wanted to because of life. I've even found posting hard as well.
      We must stick together and hope things get better:)


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