Wednesday 3 September 2014

Latest Obsessions

I always find myself with a million obsessions and they're changing. New ones come and old ones vanish. Because of this I thought I would make a list each month of all the things I have been obsessed with:)

Without farther ado, here we go!

  • Taylor Swift's new music video, Shake it Off!
  • 5SOS, I recently heard about them from some bloggers and now I can't stop listening to their music.
  • Tim Tams. Being sugar-free I don't normally eat things like this, but recently we started buying these anyway. They're awesome!
  • Doctor Who. Ok, this isn't a new obsession. I have had it for like forever, but I just have to talk about Doctor Who as it's on again very soon!
  • Pinterest, I recently joined and I have been pinning so much. I have like a million boards and thousands of pins. Well not quite, but I really am crazy about Pinterest. If you're not on there, join:)
  • DIY. I have done any yet, but I have heaps of ideas, especially t shirt ideas that I will use in Spring.
Well those are my latest obsessions. Feel free to do this and leave a link to it in the comments:)



  1. I love 5SOS! Also, Shake It Off. I was literally just listening to it. lol. Every morning I blast it to as a wake up call for my family. haha.
    Plus, I've always loved Doctor Who. I watch it every night. :)

    we really are a lot alike. lol

  2. AHHH I LOVE 5SOS SO MUCH XD XD Hey whats your Pinterest username? I wanna find you ahah

  3. I started following you on Pinterest ;)


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