Thursday 25 September 2014

Liebster Award (How Many Times Have I Done This?)

Today I'm doing a award that Grace from God's Grace nominated me for. It's the Liebster Award.
So here I go (for what think is the third time:)).

Here are the rules:
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you,  
list 11 facts about yourself, 
answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger how nominated you, 
nominate bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can't nominate the blogger who nominated you) 
ask the people you nominated 11 questions, 
let them now you nomination, and have fun!
Eleven facts about me:
1. My family thought about moving to the UK a few years ago, but decided against it.
2. I broke my toe two days ago in a bike riding accident.
3. My favourite musician at the moment is Colbie Calliat.
4. I used to dream about being an astronaut (not any more).
5. I'm hopeless at social medias.
6. I have always wanted a pen pal, especially one in another country.
7. I adore Disney, doesn't everyone?
8. I buy most of my books as Ebooks.
9. I broke my glasses last week, I'm waiting for my new ones.
10. I love realistic love stories, but not soppy ones.
11. I don't have very many interesting facts about me.
Grace's Questions:
1. Your favourite movie?
Wow, how many have I told you guys this? It's Beauty and the Beast for those of you who might have missed it!
2. What is your favourite subject in school?
I'm homeschooled, but if I had to pick, English or Maths.
3. Iron Man, or Captain America?
I have no idea, sorry:P
4. Blue, or pink?
Blue, I'm not really fond of the colour pink.
5. What was the saddest book you ever read?
Not really sure. One of the world war books I reckon. They are all so sad though that I can't pick just one!
6. How many siblings do you have?
7. When is your birthday?
16th of May
8. Where do you like to go for a holiday?
Hmm, hard question. I think it might be my friend's house.
9. Are you more of an indoors person, or an outdoors person?
Both! I like going on my computer, reading and doing things inside, but I also like running and walking and so, both!
10. What is your favourite hair colour?
All. Every colour is good.
11. Do you like romance, action, drama, or sad movies?
If these are the only choices then all of them!
I nominate:

My Questions:

1. What is real beauty to you?
2. How did you first learn about blogging?
3. Who is the biggest inspiration to you?
4. What's your favourite movie?
5. How would you describe yourself?
6. What want people think about you?
7. Which blogger is your best (blogging) friend?
8. Have you ever had a pen pal?
9. What is the best kind of weekend to you?
10. If you could meet any musician, who would it be? (I bet I know your answer Lizzie:))
11. What's the best thing that anyone has ever done for you?

I hope you enjoyed that. No one feel pressured to do this.

Also, please watch this video. It really shows what real love is to me!



  1. Aww.. poor you I hope your toe is feeling better!
    Haha, holiday at a friend's house, why didn't I think of that?;)
    Loved reading your answers!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  2. Pen pals are really cool, if you think about it, we sort of like pen pals haha. Thank you so much for nominating me! xx

    1. I know, right? You're right, it kind of is the same:)

  3. Thanks for nominating me, Kat! Love reading your answers.
    Blog on // June

  4. Awesome answers! :) And isn't this shocking...I don't think I've ever seen the entire movie of Beauty in the Beast. I's really sad!
    Have a wonderful weekend (once it's Thursday's the weekend to me)!

    1. WHAT?! That won't do, go watch it NOW!!! Just kidding, you don't have to:)
      I know what you mean about the weekend. Two days just isn't long enough!


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