Sunday 7 September 2014

The Ups and Down of My Not-So-Average Life

Here finally is my post about Morning's blog. So sorry it took so long! It's a really amazing blog, but I have been so busy I haven't had time to write about it before.


The first thing you notice when you visit Morning's blog is her amazing blog design! I really love it. Morning sure knows what she's doing with the codes. (She also designed my blog). Isn't it lovely?

Morning's blog was one of the blogs that made me want to start blogging. Her posts always inspired me and made me want to go start my own blog, which in the end I did.

Morning writes all kinds of posts, from stories from her life to bits of writing she has done. All of them are amazing and have her mark of awesomness on them.

Morning's been a great friend to me, so be sure to go check out her blog. It really is amazing:)



  1. I love Morning's blog! And she is amazing with coding (and very patient)! She designed my blog as well! x Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

  2. You both have fantastic blogs!

  3. You really both do! You really inspire me, considering that you've had such success so quickly!

    1. Thanks so much. You're blog is amazing. I love visiting it!


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