Tuesday 2 September 2014

Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

Today I'm linking up again with The Broke and the Bookish top ten link up again! This time it's top ten book character this would be sitting at my lunch table, because in America everyone is going back to school.

This place goes to Leo Valdez from the Heroes of Olympus series. He is so much fun and it would be fun to share a table with him!
Connor Broekhart from Airman. Everyone needs someone to protect everyone from bullying and who better to do this than one of the best fighters ever. And besides if we ever needed to go anywhere he could just build us a aeroplane.
Artemis Fowl. I can imagine that having a genius would very useful and of course he would bring along Butler which would be awesome.
Percy Jackson. I love demi gods and his powers are so awesome. I would love to have him share my table.
Captain Holly Short from Artemis Fowl. One, she's a fairy, two she's got some really cool weapons, three she has a great sense of humour.
Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit. I mean, who doesn't want to have someone with a magic ring at they're table? Ok, I know he is a bit old for school, but still.
Kat from the Heist Society series. She's awesome, she's a thief, she has a rich boyfriend, what more can you ask for?
Septimus Heap. He's got magic, he has a dragon, his sister is the princess. He is definitely a good choice.
Wally from The Billabong series. Who doesn't need a funny boy who is a great horse rider, cricket player and so many other things.
My last place goes to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Ok, ok, just kidding!!! As awesome as Gollum is, I think that it would be far too dangerous to have him at my table.
My real tenth spot goes to...Imza from, why my own story! I know, but I really would like to meet her. She's an inventor's daughter, musician and so many other cool things.

Hope you enjoyed this. As most of you know, I'm homeschooled, but I still wanted to do this link up because it's fun to think about who I would want at my table if I was at school.



  1. This was such a cool post :D ive gotta agree with a lot of those ;) hehe and thank you for commenting on my blog! xoxo


  2. I agree with every single one of these characters! (I also happen to love every single one of them too.) And you're the first person I've met who has picked anyone from the Billabong books for one of these. I absolutely love your list.

    1. Thank you! I love the billabong books, but no one ever seems to have read them:)

  3. Kat would make an amazing table mate - I doubt the conversation would ever grow dull with her around. Haha, as interesting as it would be to meet Gollum, I don't think I'd want to eat an entire meal with him either. And I like how you included a character from a story you're writing - it would be pretty fantastic to get to meet a person of your own creation. :)

    1. Thanks! I always have a huge longing to meet my characters. Why can't they be real people?

  4. Percy Jackson would be a awesome table mate. Great post!
    June | http://weezasjournal.blogspot.com

  5. So it is probably a bad thing if I have never read any of the books that these people are featured in...except for the Hobbit, right? I am a book reader, but for some reason I haven't read any of the most popular ones except for like Divergent and such.

    1. Don't worry, I haven't read most of the books everyone says are 'Must Reads'!

  6. Percy and Leo for sure. they're awesome<3
    Plus Bilbo! I see myself in him a lot, so I think it would be cool to meet someone who thinks like me

    1. I would love to meet them!
      I have always had a soft spot for Bilbo.

  7. I just came across your blog and love it!!! I really like your layout and the font you do everything in. Your blog button is also so cute! You just earned yourself another follower :)


    1. Thanks so much Emma! You have made my day:)


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