Sunday 3 August 2014

A Feeling Like Nothing Else


Your hair flies around you in the wind. The trees sway above your head. Your cheeks are glowing.

You dash down the road, your feet making easy work of the uneven ground. You're on a roll.

A man waves as you run past, surprised by the sight of you. A girl with a dog gets out of your way. You smile your thanks and keep going. You can't stop, adrenaline is keeping you going.

Another kilometre. Around another corner. You don't know where you are going, you just have to run.

All your worries drop away as you pant your way down another hill. You don't care about anything anymore. All that matters is running.

Past the shops you go. You wave to the people you pass.

Down another street, your almost home. Your almost sorry.

Past the house with the mad dog, past the old lady knitting in her front garden, past the man drinking beer and mowing the lawn.

You stop. You're home. You're tired and sweaty, but happy. You made it!

Today I'm posting my tenth post! Yay:) Thanks to everyone who has commented and helped me make it to ten posts (great achievement I know).

This post is quite special to me. As a runner I know all about the feeling of running and how it can be tiring, but it's worth it in the end!



  1. I go jogging too, but I get up extra early so that nobody will see me. That's probably weird to you, and I suppose it is to everyone else, but I just don't like when people watch me as I run... >_< Great post! Congratulations on ten posts! Quite the achievement, Kat.

    Yasmine| Cloudy Dreams

    1. I understand, I used to go running early too, but then I got busy really early with music, so I had to start going later.

  2. There is no feeling like running is there? I used to be able to run 6km most days (until I had about a month off because I was sick with colds so often), and I sometimes felt like I could run forever. Right up until exhaustion hit me. Where I live, there's a bush track right down the end of my street, and my family and I run down there. It's such a beautiful place to run.

    1. Wow! That's a long way.
      That sounds a lovely place to live. I have to street run, but I would love bush tracks:)


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