Saturday 2 August 2014

Beautiful Blog Award

A few days ago, Grace, from God's Grace, tagged me for the Beautiful Blog award! Thanks so much Grace:) I feel so special.

+Answer the questions given to you
+Give some answers for the people you nominate
+Tell the people you have nominated that they have been nominated

Grace's Questions:
1.  What is your favourite why to travel: by ship, by plane, by car, or by train?
I have never travelled by ship or plane. So it's between car and train. I would have to say car! I like it's peace a quiet.
2. What is your favourite children's book?
I'm not really sure.
3. What is your favourite cold blooded animal?
Frogs. Because, who doesn't love this creatures?
4. Do you like building puzzles?
5. What is your favourite animal?
6. What is your favourite board game?
Scotland Yard. If you haven't played it, you're missing out:P
7. Computer or laptop?
Laptop. I'm assuming you mean desktop or laptop.
8. What is your favourite hairstyle? (etc. down, ponytail, plait)
French braids. They keep all my short bits in!
9. Favourite TV show/series?
Doctor Who:)
10. Do you like Marvel?
11. Who is your favourite super hero? (mine is Iron Man)
Hulk, Hulk, Hulk:).
12. Favourite girl's name?
Either Bernadette or Hazel
13. Favourite boy's name?
14. Pink or blue?
15. The best question I have asked in this post was...?
Not sure, maybe the superhero ones!
I nominate:
Cathy from Hello Cathy
Yasmine from Cloudy Dreams
My questions:
1. Traveling or staying at home?
2. Sport or dancing?
3. Blueberries or strawberries?
4. Favourite hide out?
5. Best memory?
6. Favourite blog designs?
7. Friends or family?
8. Favourite outfit?
9. Buses or trucks?
10. Birds or fish?
11. Favourite dessert?
12. Mum or dad?
13. Frozen or Tangled?
Hope you enjoyed this! I certainly did:)


  1. Heyy great post, Kat! <3 I've never met anyone with meerkats as their favourite animal but I must agree that they are super-cute! Ahh thank you so so much for nominating me! I've never been tagged for one of these so I'm really excited! I'll get started right now! <3 xx

    Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

    (Sorry for removing the first one- spelling mistake. T_T)

    1. Thanks! I always have been different
      Yay! Can't wait to see what you say:)
      I have removed the comment all together for you.

  2. Nice Answers! I like your new design!

  3. Your new design is lovely! Oh and my favorite animal is a meerkat too!

  4. Thanks so much for nominating me! I'll be doing it Monday! :)


  5. Love your answers! And thank you so much for nominating me!! :)

  6. Thank you so much for nominating me! I'll do it ASAP! <3

  7. Thank you for nominating me! I'll do this! :D

    xoxo Morning


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