Sunday 10 August 2014

Day Dreaming


 Day dreaming is something that some do more than others. It's something that some are always getting into trouble for, but can't stop doing.

But is day dreaming even wrong? It's a gateway to another world. A world of magic, laughter, hope.

Sometimes day dreaming helps up forget our sorrows, anger and hurt. It calms us and makes us feel happy again.

Day dreaming isn't something to turn your nose up at, it's something to admire. Only someone with imagination can daydream.



  1. That was beautiful! I totally agree, Kat! :) Day dreaming is an action that ought to be admired...

    Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

    1. Thanks Yasmine. I wasn't sure about sharing this, but then I went, why not? Who cares what other people think!

  2. Such pretty words! I love to daydream, and this reminded me to love fellow daydreams ;) xx.


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