Monday 18 August 2014

Liebster Award

Wow, I feel so loved, I have just been tagged for the Liebster Award by Sammie,Anna and Yasmine, thanks so much, I have never done this before!

Rules are:
- Post eleven facts about yourself
- Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you
- Create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees
- Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in this post
- Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!

My Eleven Facts:
1. I had three rabbits when I was little and they all died. I swear I didn't kill them!
2. I used to eat my potato filling and refuse to eat the skin.
3. I hate mushrooms! Like seriously hate them.
4. I can't stand squeaky noises.
5. I don't really like doing DIY and being creative. I never have any ideas and they don't turn out.
6. I only wear stud earrings.
7. I hate doing my hair:)
8. I spend most days in either my PJs or track pants.

9. I am the youngest in my family.
10. I'm really bad at facts.
11. I am short sighted.
Onto the questions then, shall we?
Sammie's Questions:
1) What is your dream job?
Not sure. This always puzzles me, I have no idea what I want to do.
2) What do you splurge on?
Notebooks and chocolate, very boring, I know!
3) Coffee or tea?
4) Would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy? Why?
Mermaid, I love swimming and to tell the truth I'm afraid of heights:(
5) What is one store that you would want unlimited shopping for the rest of your whole life?
Office Works or Dick Smith, can't choose!
6) If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would you do?
Read, read, read!
7) What is your favourite colour?
8) Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes, I have never tried waffles.
9) If you were to be a fictional character, who would you be and why?
Don't know. I might pass because I can't choose!
10) What is your current state of mind?
Happy, but tired. Just spent a long day helping friends move into their new home. I must say it's annoying I didn't have a post scheduled for today.
11) What is your Starbucks order?
No idea. Never been there. Don't even know if we have them in Australia.
Anna's Questions:
Favourite Season?
Winter or Autumn. I like colder weather.
Have you ever fallen into water accidentally?
Yep! I fell into the bath once. There was a lot of people in the bathroom and we were mucking around a bit and then *plop* in I go.
Do you think cupcakes with bacon in them sounds good?
Yes, that does sound rather nice.
What is your favourite book that was made into a movie?
Lord of the Rings. Not a book, but still.
Did you like the movie or the book better?
I like them both in their own way.
Would you prefer to go a year without reading or a year without writing?
Year without writing. I don't know why as I write more than I read.
Do you think thunderstorms are exciting?
Yes, I love them, though bush fire danger is high!
Thunder or Lightning?
Thunder, I love the noise...NO lightning, it's more exciting...Let's say no idea.
Daisies or Roses?
Do you think you would look good with lime green hair?
Maybe in the ends, but not all over. Anyway, I'm happy with my hair the way it is.
What is your favourite nail polish colour?
I don't really wear nail polish.
Yasmine's Questions:
1)Reading or writing?
Both, but if I had to pick, reading. It's a lot more relaxing.
2)Which fictional characters (pick a total of five) would you love to have dinner with?
Wow, don't ask this! Let's say: Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson), Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus), Beetle (Septimus Heap) and Conner Breokhart (Airman).
3)What's your favourite piece of clothing (that you own)?
My denim jacket. I love it to bits:)
4)Are you excited about Doctor Who season eight? Why/why not? Who is your favourite Doctor?
I'm excited, but also worried. The last episodes weren't the most amazing, I hope the new Doctor makes things go right again. Favourite doctor would have Eccleston, he's awesome! Fantastic:)
5)Which YouTubers do you watch most?
Jennxpenn, Thatcher Joe, Zoella and a few others.
6)What do you think you'll be doing five years from now?
Hopefully still blogging, writing random things and being as childish as ever. Not much different:P
7)How many times have you been nominated for a Liebster Award?
This is my first three times.
8)Last thing you ate?
A very dry biscuit, which reminds me it's time to eat again. Let's take a break from this after these questions!
9)Something good that happened this week?
I got my results for my piano exam:)
10)Would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy? Why?
Answer above.
11)Any hidden talents?
I guess I do. What people don't know is that I can talk to a camera, take ok photos and a few other things. So yes. Not many people know may talents. Well besides me writing.

I tag for this award:
My Questions:
1.Which string instrument is your favourite?
2.If you could only do one thing for a day, what would it be?
3.Horse or car?
4.What's your favourite Gods? (e.g Geek, Norse, ect.)
5.Where is your favourite holiday spot?
6.What is your favourite city? (doesn't matter if you haven't been there)
7.Who would you rather be, Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Bennet? (Pride and Prejudice)
8.How many siblings do you have and who are they?
9.If anyone you knew would start blogging, who would you want it to be?
10.If you could be either, which would you be, homeschooled or go to school. (doesn't matter if you are educated the way you want best)
11.Are you homeschooled or do you go to school?
That's it for today guys! See you again very soon with another awesome post(just kidding about the awesome bit):)


  1. Loved reading this! Haha colder weather for the win! :) Eccleston was really good, but I love David Tennant as the Doctor! Something really similar happened to me actually, only I fell into a pond! >_<

    1. Thanks! Tennant is my second favourite doctor:)
      Really? Wow!!!

  2. Great Answers! Thanks so much for nominating me!

  3. Kat, I just wrote up a entry for your writing contest! Below is the link to it!

    1. Thanks so much! I will visit that now:)

  4. Thank you for nominating me Kat! It's a huge honour coming from a truly fantastic blogger! I'll be posting about this soon!

    1. Thank you so much! I really love your blog:)

  5. Fantastic, as Eccleston would say. He's one of my favourites, just the right age, quirkiness, and darkness. Wish he could've stayed a little longer. Tennant is my favourite, but Eccleston is probably my second or third depending on how much I like Smith. I've just started with him.

    1. I know! I think he is under appreciated because he only had one season. Pity.
      Tennant is my second favourite. Smith is only third because his scripts weren't so good and I didn't like Amy (though Rory was good).
      I started with Eccleston and went through Tennant. I have only watched one season of Smith though because we don't own more!

  6. Hi!! I'm Lizzie, a new follower :) I took a look at your blogger profile and turns out we follow a lot of the same blogs :) My blog is here:
    ( If you want to check it out!

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to check it out.

  7. Love your answers! And thank you o much for nominating me!! :)


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