Saturday 15 November 2014

God Loves You

God loves you, nothing else matters.
I know that boy hurt you a lot,
But try to move on, forget him.
He doesn't deserve you, your love.
It wasn't meant to be, but remember,
Better things will come soon,
God had everything planned.
I got a strange email a while ago from someone asking me, 'Why do you write so much about love?'. This kind of felt strange to me, why do I write about love? I never realised before that I did write about it a lot, but it seems I do. The answer to that person's question is, Love is important, it's hard and painful and beautiful. It's what most girls dream of a lot's loose their hearts over. So yes, I might write a lot about it, but I hope that what I write helps others.

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  1. Wow....That's really all I can say. Beautiful. Deep. Peaceful. Great job. =)



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