Monday 17 November 2014

I'm Talking About Winter?! But It's Almost Summer!

Oakstar over at An Amazing Case of Wanderlust, tagged me for the My Favourite Things About Winter  tag. Thanks so much!

Just so you guys know (though it properly won't bother you), it's actually almost summer where I live, but this tag looks cool and hay, I've been tagged for it. I might as well do it anyway.

So onto the tag:

The Rules:

1.Thank the person who tagged you. (Link to their blog!)
2. Tell your top 5 favourite things about winter.
3. Answer the person who tagged you's questions about winter.
4. Ask 5 questions about winter for the people you tagged to answer.
5. Tag 3 or more people!

My top five favourite things about winter:

1. Wearing scarves. I have an obsession with scarves. I'm collecting them. There is no such thing as too many scarves in my option. If you could wear scarves in summer, the world would be a better place.

2. Cuddling down in a blanket and reading a good book. There's nothing like an amazing book on a cold winter's night, when you're all wrapped up in a blanket.

3. Heaters. Being able to turn the heater in my bedroom always makes things more cosy and peaceful. I always know winter has arrived when I flick the power back on.

4. Tea! I drink tea all year around (some might even say I'm addicted), but winter is the time of year when I get an excuse to drink more tea than should really be good for me and get away with it.

5. Staying indoors. I'm not really a social butterfly. I love staying home, reading and writing. Winter is the time of year when no one expects you to go out into the world and see people. It's the time for getting on a doing your own things.

Oakstar's Questions:

1.Favourite carol, for any holiday in this season?
I'm not quite sure about this question. Sorry, about that. If it means favourite carol for any holiday that falls in winter where I live, then I honestly have no clue. I'm not even sure if there are any big holidays in winter.
But if this question means, for any holiday this season I'm in currently, then I still have no clue. Nothing falls in spring. But next month it's summer and it's also Christmas and my favourite Christmas carol is:
Wow! It feels strange to be sharing Christmas carols, I didn't realise it was so close.

2.Favourite winter dish (ex. turkey or hot chocolate or candy cane)
Does tea count? It's sort of my favourite thing all year around!

3.Favourite winter sport? I don't really have one. I can't do any of them, but my favourite to watch is the skiing or the ice dancing!

 4.How old were you when you built your first snowman? (if it's summer where you live, change this to sand castle)
Thanks Oakstar for this extra option. I was seven when I built my first sandcastle. That was the first I'd ever been to the beach.
Believe it or not, I've never seen settled snow. It hardly ever snows in Australia. Where I live it only snows once every few years and then it never settles and that's when it's really cold (for us).

5.Favourite holiday movie?
If this means, Christmas movie (I'm really bad at understanding questions, but we have different uses for words in Australia), then that would be A Muppet's Christmas Carol. I think that's what's it's called, I haven't watched it for a few years.

I tag:
SW from A Free Mind
Celia from Celia Boldizar
Jollygirl from Reflections of a Jollygirl

My Questions:
1. What's the first five words winter makes you think of?
2. What's your favourite thing to do in winter?
3. What's your favourite winter drink?
4. What's your favourite winter clothes?
5. What months are winter where you live?

Thanks so much for getting to the end of this post. It's seems really weird to be talking about winter when I'm sitting here on a really hot train heading to my job.



  1. Nice answers! Thanks for tagging me!

  2. Hey girl! I nominated you for an award. You can view it below!

  3. I love the way you think ;) Tea, books, warmth, antisocialness.... sounds good to me :D

    1. It's everything I need to a perfect winter! Hahahaha!

  4. I looove winter, it's personally one of my favorite seasons! It's good to know that you're about to get some sun on the other side of the world though :)

    1. I love winter as well, but my favourite season is Autumn. Can't wait for summer though, it feels like it's taking a long time coming.

  5. Hello! I'm new to your blog! I am also an Aussie and It seams we have a lot in common!! :D
    Me, Myself and I

    1. Really? That's so awesome! Thanks for visiting:)

    2. Yes!! and Yes it is! no worries :)

  6. You could call me a tea addict too. I love it and drink it year round; but I think it's best with a good book when it's cold outside and you're inside, warm and cozy.

    Thanks for tagging me, Kat! Your questions will be fun to answer. :)


    1. Oh, and that song is so pretty.

    2. I know! Tea in winter is the best things ever.
      You're welcome. I can't wait to see what you write.
      I love the carol of the bells. It's so lovely.

  7. These answers are perfect! Especially the staying indoors one. ;-D




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