Tuesday 3 February 2015

Interview: Morning @ Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life

Today's I'm posting my interview with Morning @ Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life. Enjoy!
How would you describe yourself and your blog?
Okay! :

It’s hard to describe who I am… around people I just met, I tend to be reserved, mainly because I don’t know these people well. It’s real hard to get to know me in real life. But when I do end up opening up to others, people see I’m a pure optimist and idealist. I’m creative and curious about the world, and because of my curiosity (and affinity for book reading) I’m a bit of an oddball. Once I start opening up to others, I talk a lot—but I listen loads more.

My blog is a mishmash of a lifestyle and writing blog. It’s not a journal, but rather, a way to express my thoughts and emotions, unfiltered. I can get real serious on my blog, but often times, I try to keep it light. It originally was, and still is, a way for me to speak out into the world to whoever would wish to listen when I thought my opinion didn’t matter. My blog is a bit of a timeline, too—if I ever become a published author, which is one of my aspirations in life, I’m probably going to look back and be like, “Whoa, I’ve changed so much pre-author time!” That’s a good thing!

How long have you been blogging for?
This upcoming February would count as my second blog anniversary, so about two years.

What would you say your biggest hobbies are?My top five biggest hobbies, in no particular order, are reading, writing, singing, theatre, and photography.

Reading has always played a big role in my life. When I was younger, I never was really allowed outside of the house to visit friends, so often times, I would immerse myself in reading books. They helped me escape so much from reality and let me explore and travel to the vast lands of Narnia and Hogwarts. Writing came slightly after that, and I have to say that it has helped me so much to speak out loud and to voice my thoughts and my words.

Singing has always been my first love. By the time I was four, I could sing most of ABBA's songs. (If you have no idea who they are, then go and see Mamma Mia; most of the songs sang in the Broadway show and the movie are made from that particular band.) Theatre has helped me radiate my confidence, and it gives me a slight feeling-- "shiver," as I referred to it when I began to act-- that is similar to a thrill I get when I'm reading. And finally, photography is a way I perceive my world. I don't ever leave my house without my camera! I have a strict policy to rarely ever take photos on my phone.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?
I honestly do not have a particular source of inspiration, because I am constantly inspired by everything that I see, even from the strangest sources. Sometimes, I get sparks of inspiration from my math class, and who knew that could happen, right?

I look at things people see in a different light, and that's where lots of my inspiration gets drawn in. A lot of times, my teachers like to circle their zeros on the board-- I see a shaded donut, a Cinco de Mayo sombrero, or a swimming tube... And a potential connecting story! Like the character Tadashi Hamada says, "Look for a new angle!"

What is your best blogging advice?My best blogging advice to bloggers out there is to be their genuine selves. There is an exponential growth of blogs out there, and it will take some time in order for your blog to grow "big." Try to make your blog a place that you, for one, enjoy, and two, offer and give a reason why to passing readers as to why they should stay and follow your blog. If you are young, don't stress over the amount of followers! That's a trap bloggers will end up falling into sooner or later. But if you stand true and your blog ends up reflecting your personality in words, mannerism, and design, then it will stand out and it will grow.

Do you have a favourite author? If so, who?
It's a four-way tie between J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, Marie Lu and Wendy Mass. It's so hard to choose an ultimate winner!

What’s your favourite TV show?
Currently, I am loving Once Upon a Time!

Have you ever written a novel, if so was it published?
Over the span of three years I have written a total of five novels, some which are still in the early stages of revising and editing (ahem ahem procrastination alert), and I have two more ideas which I'm excited to be writing over the course of this year. I haven't gotten any novels published with an agent or by the means of self-publishing, but I have posted some snippets of my novels on Goodreads, Figment and my blog.

Can I just thank Morning for all this beautiful photos? Like me, she also love her photography. When she offered to provide the photos for this post, I leapt at the offer. Her photography is so beautiful and it's made my job much easier. All I did was the graphic at the start.
Remember those questions I asked for in my survey? Well, I'm going to be creating a new page for them and you'll all be able to read my answers. It is either published right now or going to be soon. Depending on when this publishes.


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