Wednesday 25 February 2015

Let's Get Into The Itty Gritties About Me

Today's post will properly end up being super long knowing me. Sorry to anyone who does like long posts, but I'm posting my answers to all those FAQ which you asked in my survey. If you want to know more about me, READ THIS POST!!!

Anyhow, let's get into this before the intro takes up the whole post. Also, I'm dividing this up into different sections to help you guys out!

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the same house I live in now in a small town in Australia. It has plenty of more than friendly people and a lovely shop to go for coffee in. It's a truly lovely and peaceful place.

What's it like to live in Australia?
I've talked about this before several times, but for those of your who don't know, Australia is a brilliant place. It's full of bush, friends and fun, but sometimes it feels like you live in the middle of nowhere. Being the world's smallest content and having no one close to you, it makes like you're different from everyone else. But hey! We're a fun lot.

One when I was talking to someone on the internet though, I said I was from Australia and they replied, "Australia? Where is that? Do you speak English there or is my computer translating everything you're saying?" I thought it was highly amusing. It just shows what an unheard of lot we are!

Could you tell us about your family?
My family...I have two older brothers names Cameron and Leo. We're really close. There being no other girls in my family, I might just have picked up a few of my brothers' interests. Like watching motor racing or looking at cars (don't you find cars interesting?).

We're a weird family, always laughing at everything each other says, even if it isn't funny, and we love to tell jokes and sing out of key (this happens a lot). But honestly, most people would be confused if they saw what our house is normally like.

What are your hobbies?
I've got a lot, so I'll have to just list the ones on the top of my head. I  like reading MASSIVE books, writing (both flash fiction and novels), blogging (duh), chatting to internet friends, music (I play piano and guitar), and so many other things. I don't really want to overload ya'll!

Favourite books, movies, music artists and TV shows?
Books: I don't really have a favourite book. But if I can change it to series, I'd pick the Percy Jacksons. Both if I can stretch the rules even more! Because, hey Percy is awesome. BTW, I took a test and it turns out I'd be daughter of Athena. *thanks Cait for getting me to do this*

Movies: I'd once again change the rules to series and I'd once again pick two. The LOTR and Hobbits. Because who doesn't like hobbits? Sometimes I even get teased that I am a hobbit.

Music artists: Taylor Swift, Lindsey Stirling, William Joseph, Peter Hollens. I've got a lot. It's not my fault! Imogen @ Gossiping with Dragons keeps introducing me to new people, OK?

TV shows: this is an easy one, Doctor Who! I go on about this all the time. An alien travelling through time and space in a police box with human companions? Come on! Tell me if that doesn't sound awesome? If you haven't watch this TV show, do so now. And remember, Eccleston is the best!

Dreams for the future?
I have so many of these. How can I even begin to tell you them all. I want to be a world famous author. I want to live on the beach. I want to breed dogs. I want to eventually get married and have kids. I want to live a good life and enjoy myself. Does that help?

Favourites colours?
Green! I love this colour so much. That's the reason my past two blog designs have been GREEN!!!

What's your bucket list?
OK this is a bit long, so would you guys like me to create a separate page on this blog of my bucket list?

How old are you?
Now you may think I'm young for some things I spout, but I'm fifteen. Sixteen in a few months. Gosh I feel so old saying that! Help! I'll be able to get my license soon!

What's your favourite/least favourite foods?
My favourite is chocolate of course. What else would it be? You can't live without chocolate.

My least favourite is egg plant or aubergine. Use either name for it. It's still horribly disgusting.

What authors do you admire?
I like this question! Rick Riordan of course, Marissa Meyer (I'm obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles), John Flanagan, Jane Austen and so many others. I could list forever, but that might make this post a bit long, so I'll leave it here.

Are you in any fandoms?
Why yes I am. Doctor Who, Taylor Swift, Percy Jackson, Lunar Chronicles, Jane Austen and many others. Like the last question. I could go on forever. Mainly they're all books though. So that should give you a clue.

How did you learn to code?
This brilliant thing called the internet. It's really useful when you want to learn something and you have no idea where to start. But trust me, I'm terrible at coding, which is why Emily @ Lynde Avenue designed my blog for me. I had no patience, but people with more could do so much better than me.

What inspires you?
Life! Everything I see and do is inspiring. Going shopping, seeing a newly engaged woman flash her ring at people, listening to the radio.

Inspiration is around every corner, just take the time to look for it and it's there.

What inspired you to create a blog?
I wanted to share what I write! As you properly know, most of my first post are just bits of flash fiction I wrote. But after a while I got inspired to try different kinds of posts and that's how (Almost) Completely Mad became the mixed up blog it is now!

How long have you been blogging?
Around nine months? I just checked and I think it's around that time.

What's the best way to follow your blog?
You can follow anyway you like. I have some links on my FOLLOW page if you want to take a look.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Write consistently. Don't write everyday one week and then nothing for the next month. Schedule your posts to spread them out and make them last.

Edit your posts so that people can enjoy reading them. Make sure they're the best you can make them before hitting that 'publish' button.

Read, comment and follow other blogs. Make yourself known. It takes a while for this to start paying off, but in the end it does.

Your blog won't be a success overnight. Don't let it get you down. Keep working at it and one day it will be realised as the jewel it is.

Remember, be yourself and have fun. Keep true to what you believe and don't do things just because they're popular if you don't agree with them. There are people like you out there. You just have to go looking.

How on earth do you have time to be as active in the blogging community as you are?
Hahaha, I'm hardly that active, but I do try to get around. I've created a sort of pattern to help me do all I have to and still have time to read and do other things.

First I publish and answer all the comments I've been given, then I go and comment back on those people's blogs, then I go to Bloglovin' and read all the posts waiting there and comment. After that all I have to do is write a post and I'm done.

Remember it doesn't all have to be done at once. Just take it slowly. Use those spare moments of your day. When you don't have anything to do, just catch up on commenting.

Also, scheduling is a life saver. It really helps give you more time.

What equipment do you use?
My brain, a battered old notebook and my computer that looks like it will fall apart at any moment. That's all.

What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting people who have the same interests as me. Who don't judge and will leave me feedback on my work. Sharing my writing with people like these is truly the best thing ever!

What are your favourite blogs?
I have so many and I hate picking favourites, so instead, go to my button swap page and check out all the blogs there.

What other social medias do you have?
A lot. Some that may interest people is my Facebook page, my Twitter, Instagram (I'm so bad on this), Pinterest, Goodreads and Google +.

What camera do you use?
I have an older model Nikon DSLR. Not the best, but it was cheap and I needed something.

Thank you to anyone who read this whole post and made it here. You deserve a medal.

This is also being posted to a page, so if you ever want to reread this you can!


  1. WHOA, you're turning sixteen in a bit. •–• You sound a lot younger, though! And I just finished up Fairest by Marissa Meyer, and it was very amazing indeed. I'm not going into the gritty details, but wow. I sympathize and want to chuck more books to her. And sometimes, people ask me so many questions when they find out where I live... people ask, "Is it true, what they say about your state?" And I just reply, "Yes, we ride polar bears and 4x4s, and we must hunt daily for seal skins. The only way we can connect to the internet is by getting two wires and finding an old 4x4 wheeler's engine, all tied up to a pizza box. This is as common as seeing a Minotaur perform at the New Years Eve ball drop in NYC. And how you act with your family is how I act with my friends; my parents are gone most of the time from the house doing work, so... :P

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks Morning! You didn't know just how old I am I guess then. It's a good thing I don't sound ancient then:)
      I'm so envious of you now! How could you have read it before me? That's so unfair.
      Hahaha! I get so tempted to do that all the time. I wonder if people would believe me if I did make something like that up?

  2. I'm dreading getting my license. I turn 16 in August and all I can think is that I'm going to cause some big accident.

    1. Me too! I'm terrified in case I end up crashing or breaking down somewhere. It doesn't help that my brother had a car crash in his first hours. I'm sure you'll be fine though.

  3. There are so many things to comment on but suffice it to say you have so many of my favorite artists and authors and I think they are fantastic you are right about blogging and writing and you sound older than you are.


    Anyway, thanks for letting us get to know a little more about you and the stuff you enjoy!

    1. I do, don't I? But they're all awesome, so I just have to list them all.
      Hahaha, thanks! It seems I was keeping people guessing at my real age. Funny considering I've old people my age before!

  4. THIS IS GREAT. And everyone get oooooooff the roads! KAT IS GOING TO LEARN TO DRIVE. *hides* ;-) My sister is 16 so I have lots of practise hiding. I'm an oldie...I could be on my opens if I took the last test, but I tate tests with the fires of Mount Doom and I'm procrastinating.

    1. You'd better not be on the roads. My family has a lot of skill in crashing:)
      Tests are awful. That's one of the best things about being homeschooled, there aren't so many of them.
      Thanks, I'll make sure to share it then.

  5. 16?cool :)
    But you feel old at 16? O_O
    Hobbit and LOTR are amazing movies :)
    I love how your family interacts to one another it's amazing :)

    1. I guess it might not seem that old for you, but around here there are so many younger bloggers now. I seem to be heading into the oldies.
      Thank you for reading.

    2. I'd give anything to be 16 again and that's saying something it was such a mess when I was 16 the first time around. D:

    3. Oh well! Maybe there is a better age coming up. Let's hope:)

  6. LUNAR CHRONICLES?! right now that series is my biggest book obsession! I finished fairest yesterday and I can't wait until winter comes out!

    1. They're so awesome! I love everything about them, especially the epic characters. Not another person who has read Fairest. I need that book now. I'm so behind.

  7. That's cool you live in Australia! I used to have a pen pal from there! I play guitar and piano too! You sound like a very interesting person!
    Mae :)

    1. Australia is an awesome place, but a might bit different.
      Thank you!

  8. Follow for follow? I picked up my brother's interest in cars too 😂

    1. So it's not just me:P Thank you for stopping by.

  9. This was awesome! Hey do you mind if I do an FAQ post as well? I totally gave credit to you for the idea, I just thought it was a fabulous idea! And I can't believe you've only been blogging for 9 months, that is crazy, you are like 10 times better than me!


    1. Not at all! Feel free to. I will look out to see what you have to say.
      I'm sure I'm not! You're blog is amazing.

  10. I loved reading this post, Kat! I love getting to know other bloggers, and making friends all over the world is certainly so much fun....

    1. Me too! It's great learning more about other people, isn't it?

  11. It's so lovely to get to know you better through this post, Kat! Hmm so you're a Doctor Who fan too, huh? (: This post was great!

    1. Thank you! You're another fan? GO DOCTOR WHO!!!

    2. *Appears in puff of smoke* Fellow Whovians YAYYYYYYYYY *Gives hugs*

  12. It's funny, but I love reading about people's lives. Very interesting life you have there!

    1. Thank you! Finding out about how other people live is interesting, isn't it? Maybe I should make a series where I write about my life.

  13. Yayyy almost 16! I'm studying for my license now and trust me, you are going to love driving :)
    I love posts like this, it's always great getting to know the little miscellaneous facts about people! *and ps - thanks for the shoutout!!*

    1. I'm glad to have that reassurance, because so far everyone I know has said to warn them when I'll be on the roads, so they can stay home!
      You're welcome!


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