Tuesday 16 December 2014

Come All Yee Bookish Ones!

Today, I'm getting deep. In November, Blood of Olympus came out and of course, I just had to get it. After putting off reading it due to mixed feelings about House of Hades and many other books just begging to be read, I finally picked it up and got on with it.

In this post I've decided to do something I've never done before, I'm going to post a book review! Like WHAT?!

To start with, let's just mention the narrators!
One thing I love about Rick Riordan's books is that he always shows his books from several points of view. So you get to hear everyone's thought and feelings.

I think that Blood of Olympus's choice of narrators where especially awesome. Now Percy is amazing (in fact he's amazing), but we do get to see quite a lot of him. It's like he's always in the limelight, which is ok, but the team is rather big and it's nice to hear about the others.

But this book wasn't didn't have Percy as a narrator. I literally couldn't believe it! WHY NO PERCY?! I thought that being the last book they'd try to put the light on Percy, but they didn't.

Instead, Jason, Leo and Piper got to shine along with two really surprising people...Nicko and Reyna. I was pleasantly pleased with pick. I've always secretly wanted to know more about these two and it turns out that they're both really deep and deserve to be counted as part of the team.

Can we just take a moment for the planning that went into this book?
Some books you can just tell have had hours spent planning them. Blood of Olympus is one of those books. Everything about it worked like a clock work.

Things that most people would over look had been mentioned and put to good use. Which is really nice to see.

The characters, I just can't describe them.
I simply adore character with personalities and feelings! What's better is characters that you can relate to.

Leo is one of those character. I'm sure it's a well known fact that I simply adore Leo, but there's a reason.

One thing I like most about Leo is how he's always cheerful, but underneath he's suffering and worrying away. But unlike some characters I could mention, he doesn't ever moan about, in fact he does the opposite and tries to hide it from everyone else.

Also, the end. I can't believe that Leo was brave enough to do that. He knew full well what he was heading into and he just did it. Come on, how many characters can do that?

And Nikko, the way that he changed and matured was CRAZY! I couldn't believe how he got over Percy and moved on. He seemed to grow up.

What really surprised me though, is how his mood changed! Everyone knows him to be the really moody guy who doesn't like talking to anyone else, but this Nikko was so different thanks to Reyna. Seriously, that girl needs a gold medal!

I couldn't talk about these characters forever, they all were really deep, but let's move on!

The ending, let's talk about this!
Ok, I have mixed feelings about this. In some ways it was amazing, but in others it was really mean. Let me explain as best I can.

In the other books it did all this working up to Gaia and how she wouldn't be easy to defeat and they seemed to continue that in this book, but then at the end it changed!

It was almost like Rick Riordan couldn't decide how to write it or had a certain amount of words he wanted it to be.

Everything seemed rather rushed. After the first bit everything hurried up. The big battle didn't really seem that big anymore.

And can I just say, it didn't seem like it was that hard to beat Gaia. It seemed almost too easy, yes I know that 'HE' died, but come on, they could of played it out just a bit more.

But on the plus side, after the battle, everything seemed to be perfect. It was just how I like things to be. Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter becoming friends was amazing. I can't just imagine that amount fun they'd get up to together. Can you imagine those games of Capture the Flag?

I liked how there were regrets, that everyone didn't just move on, forget which so often happens in these books. People seemed to suffer from the dead and be sad.

Also, Leo, can we just say how amazing he was at the end. No one could have done as much as him. I think he needs a silent moment.

Lastly, let's just talk Jason.
Jason's promise was so perfect. I hope he actually can finished off what Percy started. I think that this is amazing and also, can I just hope that this means that there will be more books with both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood? Maybe a new group of demi-gods evens.

Do you remember when Jason made the promise to finished the job off? And how it was under water? Wasn't it just so funny how Jason saved Percy when they were underwater? I just had to mention this because it was one of my favourite parts in the whole book.

Round off time!
My finally thoughts on this book are: AMAZING!!! The ending might have been a bit of a let down, but it was still totally worth the read..

I rate this book 5 out of 5. So if you haven't yet read it, go and go it...NOW!

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  1. I just have to read this book now, it seems so interesting. Brilliant review, I guess I better switch on my kindle now and get myself equipped with the series. I'm so excited.

    1. It is really good! I hope you enjoy reading it:)

  2. I MUST READ. I've just started The Last Olympian! so I must avoid spoilers. But I'm so reading this series too.

    1. You must! It's really good. Yes, you'd better avoid the spoilers because there are heaps out there. Just be careful the reviews you read.


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