Sunday 21 December 2014

Let's Talk About Facebook, Is It Really All It's Made Out To Be?

I've been told by so many people to join this and join that, so today I thought I'd start a series of posts where I write about those sites I've joined and what I think of them. Every post in this series will highlight a different site.

Today's site is: Facebook! Yep, the classic. I know. This will be really interesting.

Firstly, let's talk about how I use it. When I first got Facebook, I decided to use it mainly for a blog page, but use my account for more personal things. Well, that's how I planned it.

Here's how everything turned out. I did create that page, but guess what?! I hardly ever post anything on it! It's really hard to remember to go on. The most I normally do is post my latest posts and nothing much extra. Though if I like something really well, I will share the link.

Even when posting my posts, it's really hard to remember to do it. It would be much easier if there was a way of doing it automatically, but there isn't for pages!

I never did end up using my personal timeline. Sometime I'll share something amazing from my feed, but that's like once in a million years!

Can I ask about the feed? This really annoys me. There doesn't seem to be any order to how it's laid out. It's just me or is it really badly laid out. It took me forever to work out how to change it from most popular posts up the top and make it most recent instead!

Another really annoying thing about the layout is that there are adds in the sidebar distracting you from the feed, like WHAT?! The add bar is nearly as thick as the post bar. That's crazy!

Is it really needed to get your blog out there? Where did this myth come from? I doubt that any of my views come from FB. In fact, hardly anyone even 'likes' my page.

I've found that's it's really hard to just get your page out there. Maybe it would help your blog, but only once you get the page itself noticed.

So it's another thing you have to keep advertising!

It sends a lot of emails. The default setting is to send you an email about just about everything! I don't even know if there is a way of changing this.

Most of the emails I get in my inbox are from FB, which is not the way I want it to be. I'd rather read about what's going on in the blogging world than who I might (or might not) know I FB.

This is a massive bugger, which I'm hoping to find a way of stopping. If you know how, please tell me!

There are plenty of cool things, though. Let's say that as a plus for FB, there are plenty of cool things on it. If you're following the right people and 'liking' the right pages, you can find helps of cool quotes, jokes and links.

But finding those people is just so hard! I don't know how I found the few people I did. Unless you know the name of who you want to find, then search isn't much good for you.

There are also a lot of games on FB, I've never played them personally, but I've got friends who've and they say that they're heaps of fun.

Let's finish this up. These are only a few things and they're all from just one girl, but I hope this helps you. If you have FB, feel free to send me a friend request!

Was it worth it? Honestly, no. I don't have much I do on FB, so it's honestly just a big waste of time for me, but who knows, it might be better than you.

What's my rating? 3 out of 5. I know it's low, but I was really disappointed with this one. If I'd known all about it earlier, I wouldn't have joined.

Maybe I'm doing thing wrong on FB, but I'm still learning. For the moment I'll keep using it, if you want to have the links to my blog posts in your feed and the occasional link, then please like my page!

Also, before you go, I still looking for guest posters. So if you're interested in writing a post for (Almost) Completely Mad, then feel free to send me an email: I'd also be willing to guest post on your blog as well. Just ask me and I'd be more than willing. Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. I don't use Facebook that much either- I just scroll through my newsfeed and you're right- there is literally no order of posts!
    I also made a page for my blog, but it's totally dead.
    There IS a way to stop all the FB emails. I think you have to go to settings and get it done. I only get one FB email a week and that email is about my blog page/ any other page I admin.

    1. My page doesn't give me any views and I don't even get people stop by there very often, so it's not worth the effort!
      I've sorted that out now, thanks for the advice:)

  2. I agree-- Facebook isn't used that much anymore, and this is probably the reason why.

  3. Facebook is a very messed up website in terms of how it functions. They care more about their app instead of the actual website. If it was up to me, Facebook would work the way people wanted it to, and the site would be updated tremendously. Facebook is filled with too much facepalm. :/

    1. I know! I don't have the app, so it's really annoying. I use most of these things online which means that everything is as messed up as they could be!!

  4. Facebook is not worth my time at all. I always have it deactivated unless I need to find someone whose number I don't have. Most people I know are bored with Facebook so I wonder how it's still popular...? Great post, it really got me thinking!

    1. I also despise the feed. So pointless.

    2. Facebook isn't worth the time of effort. I've thought about leaving it a few times, but I've got a few great friends there, making me wait. If it weren't for them not being anywhere else, I'd go right ahead!

  5. This is a neat series idea. xx

  6. I find Facebook to be pretty boring. I only ever post my most recent YouTube videos.

  7. Hi Kat!

    I might actually be the only one here without a Facebook account, haha. I never created one, but I suppose the posts and feed can be pretty overwhelming. I did read an article in Time magazine where Mark Zuckerberg mentioned half the world was not enough and he wanted the entire world to be on the social media platform! Great post for discussion :)

    The Happy Candle

    1. I felt like that before I joined, but trust me, there are heaps of people who aren't on there and you're not missing out on much!
      Wow! I actually admire people who aren't on social media. They must have they're head in the real world and really live every moment:)


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