Wednesday 3 December 2014

Winter Wonderland Challenge : 1

Today I'm posting my very first post for Yasmine's Winter Wonderland Challenge. The theme this time is a tag. So, here we go!

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The rules:

Answer the questions.
Link back to this post. :)
Nominate one more blogger (but make sure they don't tag anyone else because that way the tag will go on and on and on until the end of the competition, which I can't have.)
Have fun! ♥

The questions:

1.What is your favourite winter drink? How do you make it? Why is it your favourite?
Hmm, my favourite winter drink would be tea. It tend to drink it all year around though. So I'm not sure if it counts.
If I was to pick one drink I only drink in winter though, it would be green tea. I just love the taste of it. At first I wasn't sure about it, but now I can't stop drinking it.
I think the reason I like it so much is because of all the memories it brings up. My grandmother used to love green tea. It was one of the only drinks she'd drink. Now that she's dead, drinking a cup of green tea comforts me.

2.What is your favourite winter month (don't feel awkward to put June or July @Kat)?
Thanks Yasmine! My favourite month of winter is August, because it's just starting to warm up and head out into spring again.
Autumn is my favourite month, so I'm normally reluctant when June arrives bringing winter with it. And by July I'm just sick of cold weather.
So yes, August. *enough talking Kat*

3.Do you get snow where you live? How much?
Sadly, no. It's too warm where I live. In fact I've only seen snow...once? It was very light and didn't settle on the ground. So no snow fun.
I dream of going some where with real snow one day. That would be awesome! *Yasmine, can I visit?*

4.What is your favourite winter activity?
Reading. I'm a bookworm through and through. Nothing is better for me than curling up with a book in some warm spot (hopefully by the heater) and devouring as many books as possible. *oops, that makes me sound like a vampire*

5. What is the best thing about winter?
This is going to sound really antisocial of me, but my favourite thing is having an excuse not to go outside and talk to people and just stay where I am (and read.)
I guess this is mainly because I have no snow or anything fun to do, so there is no reason to be out and about.

6. What is the worst thing about winter?
Getting colds. I'm one of those people who spend the entire of winter stuffed up and coughing. Not the most pleasant way to spend your winter. But I've learnt to get by, so it's not that big a problem. I just have to remember to keep a tissue in my pocket.

7. Favourite winter-associated symbol? (E.g; Father Christmas or a snowflake)
A star (I know this is more Christmas than winter, but still). Not only because it's cool, but because of the religious reasons as well. Stars always make me think of sitting in midnight mass on Christmas!

I tag Imogen from Gossiping with Dragons to do this.

If anyone else would like to do this, you can't sign up here!



  1. Awesome! You've never seen snow?! Come to Colorado. :)

  2. Hi! :) I've tagged you in a Christmasy tag if you're interested in doing it! The rules and details are on my blog.

  3. Kat thanks so much for doing the tag! <3 It was great I really really loved reading your answers! :)

    I adore tea just as much as you do! <3 Although during wintertime I become a fan of hot chocolate, as well. Feel free to stop by my house at any time for the full snow experience! At my school there's a new student from Portugal and it was snowing a few mornings ago. I walked past her and she was just running around trying to catch the snowflakes and she ran up to me and hugged me crying happily; 'It's snowing! Look Yasmine, it's snowing!'. Haha that was so adorable! :) And she's become just as big a fan of winter as me. ^y^

    1. That's fine!
      I like hot chocolate, but sometimes it does end up being just a little bit sweet for my tastes.
      Hahaha! I would love to see snow. I might end up taking you up on the offer:)

  4. I have never ever eeeever seen snow. I kind of want to, but then again, I LIKE HOTNESS. That much coldness sort of terrifies me. ;-) I like summer being Christmas. The smell of air-conditioning is Christmas for me. XD I really like January for favourite month because birthday + holiday so my sister is around + suuuumer.
    I sound like Olaf from Frozen right now. XD

    1. Having Christmas in Summer is awesome. Especially when people from other countries won't believe you!
      Your birthday is around Christmas? Cool! Mine's in the middle of year. So boring I know:)

  5. It doesn't snow where I live as well..sigh..
    Cool blog :)
    New follower :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries


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