Tuesday 27 January 2015

Interview: Arushee

Today's post is another interview. This time with the amazing, Arushee @ Unadorned Gifts. You should totally read her answers!
How would you describe yourself and your blog?
Oh, this is a hard question. I'm constantly met with the challenge of matching my blog to my personality. I would describe myself as outgoing and imaginative, and I hope my blog is able to convey that!
How long have you been blogging for?
I've been blogging since last July, so it's been just a little over six months!
What would you say your biggest hobbies are?
I have far too many hobbies to keep track of! If I only had to choose a few, I'd say playing music (both the guitar and the oboe), writing poetry and prose, blogging, reading, and generally wasting time online.
Do you want to follow any of your hobbies up later in life as a career?
I'm currently a bit hazy on what I want to do once I grow up, but I'd love to incorporate both writing and music into my later life!
Who/what is your biggest inspiration?
Hmm. I am inspired by a lot of my favorite authors -- Cornelia Funke, Agatha Christie, and Avi are just a few of them. Some of my blogging inspirations are Carlotta Cisternas, Samantha Heather, and Hannah Nicole.
What is your best blogging advice?
My blogging motto is extremely simple: be yourself, deliver original content, and write a variety of posts.
Have you ever written a novel, if so was it published?
It is my biggest dream to write a novel: I'm waiting for a great idea to come to me, so I mostly work on short stories at the moment. I hope to begin working on one soon, though!
 Thanks so much Arushee for this honour. I've had a great time. I hope that you've enjoyed yourself as well!


  1. She makes me feel dumb to be frank her posts are always so interesting and she's just a kid..(Yeah once you are over 18 you see everyone as kids :P)
    Her content is original :)

    1. Sometimes it's embarrassing how smart she is, isn't it?! How does she write like that?! But her blog is beautifully written. She's done a great job!

  2. Arushee's blog is amazing! <3 And she's really talented... I honestly wish I could keep as many hobbies as her. I tried guitar once; it didn't work. Love this interview, too, Kat!

    Cloudy Dreams

    1. She is! I have enough trouble just doing what I do. The guitar is a great instrument, but super hard to teach yourself to play. Trust me, I've been trying for a year!

  3. This is so awesome! I recently had her as a guest poster, she was amazing!
    And if you were looking for another interviewee, well, uh, perhaps you'd like to consider this blogger? ;)

    1. Sure I would! I'd love all the interviewees I can get. Just leave me an email:)


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