Thursday 30 October 2014

Donating to Charity | We Take Far Too Much For Granted

The other day I watched this video about a girl who is sending shoe boxes full of presents overseas to children in need.

This video really moved me because of what the girl (Sophie) and her family is doing. She's sending presents to children who would otherwise not get anything at Christmas.

It really made me think about everything we have. How lucky we are to be able to have hundreds (not quite, but close) of presents each year for every birthday and Christmas.

It's kind of something we take for granted. We compare what we got to what other people have gotten and think that we got off worse, we throw presents in a corner never to be thought of again and this really is sad.

People spent time and money trying to get you those things and some people don't have that. You're one of those lucky people.

This year I'm going to try and donate to a charity so other people can have a better Christmas, I'm also going to try and be more thankful for what I'm given. I will think about those pore children with nothing.



  1. Thanks for sharing my sister's video. She was ever so excited when I told her I'd seen it on your blog. It's sad that so many people get so much stuff at Christmas and don't even appreciate this. I heard a story of a charity children who got ever so excited because he was given a toothbrush. And I just think, if they are so happy to receive something that we take for granted as an everyday item, why can't we do more and give them some of the excess that we don't appreciate? They're going to love it so much more.

    1. That's fine! It's totally worth sharing:)
      Wow! Now that's true appreciation. Where did you hear that story?

  2. Ohh, I thought I recognised the girl from the vidoe!! I follow Imogen's (up yonder ^^) blog! Hehe. ANYWAY. This is an awesome idea and my family used to actually do the operation shoebox thingies a long time ago. We mostly now just donate through the Salvos in Australia and Kmart and things. But it is super kind and I think it's really awesome thing to do, especially around Christmas!

    1. Hahaha! Donations are just as good. If you don't have time to buy something than donating a bit of money is a good way of helping out:)


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