Tuesday 28 October 2014

JuN Sung Ahn | What I Really Listen To

Is it just me or have my last post been really serious and long? I seem to have been doing a lot of preaching (which I didn't mean to do), sorry guys.

Today, I don't have much time so I thought I would just feature a new favourite musician at the moment...JuN Sung Ahn (not to be mixed with metalsides).

I first heard about him through a collaboration he did with one of my favourite musicians, Peter Hollens.

JuN Sung Ahn, is a Korean violinist. He's talent with the violin is amazing. I really wish I could play the violin now.

I'm off to go watch some more JuN Sun Ahn. Sorry this is short, but I've had a really busy and tiried day. I will hopefully have something better tomorrow!

Also, sorry this post is full of so many of my favourite pieces of music. Normally I only put one in, but today I kind of went crazy!



  1. He is amazing! I was completely in awe of the "I Dreamed a Dream" one. So beautiful!

    1. I know! I love the Les Miserable soundtrack:)

  2. He is awesome! I love the Counting Stars one the best!

    1. I love all the amazing instrumental versions of this you can find YouTube. Here's the link to my favourite cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdkVzkIGjp0

  3. I've seen his channel before, and I love it...so beautiful!

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